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Woodhue Shelties


Woodhue Shelties started in 1960 in Green Bay, WI, with one sable & white male that grew ¼" oversize. As he could no longer be shown, I bought a sable & white female who produced my first Champion. I did a lot of obedience training over the years and put numerous titles on our dogs. My children were also involved with the dogs using them as 4-H projects, in Junior Handling, Obedience and Conformation. One of my children, Linda, has continued on with the Sheltie tradition by starting her own kennel, Snovali. We moved in 1989 to Muskegon, MI, where we continued our breeding program using many outside (not owned by us) Champion studs. We strive to produce Shelties with outgoing temperament, correct coat, natural ears, with correct movement and balance. Due to family financial problems, we hadn't shown much for about 8 years but have been back in the ring since 2001. We moved back to Wisconsin in June of 2001 but now in 2007, we have moved to Dorr, MI to be near more of the grandkids and family due to Glen's accident in December 2006.

All of the dogs living here take turns in the house and are raised and treated with TLC.  We feed a very high-quality food to our dogs, they have better nutrition than we do! We have fed Bil Jac Select Adult Dog Food  and still do when we go away, but primarily we feed a species appropriate diet of raw meat, bones and organs, based on the "prey model".

Sue Kepner
Dorr, MI (near Grand Rapids, MI)


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