Matika x Cammi

Born September 14, 2005

CH TNT Payback II
Woodhue Call Me Beautiful

This is a repeat of our very successful litter that was born last year in October.  One of those pups is in a show/Junior handling home and should be making it into the ring soon.

Cammi presented us with five gorgeous HUGE puppies (all weighing between 8-11 oz at birth) in the morning and early afternoon on Wednesday, September 14.  All are doing well and are gaining weight daily!

Here is what she gave us:
1 tricolor girl
3 sable girls
1 sable boy

Cammi is a wonderful mother and seldom requires any assistance from us...

Sorry, all pups are spoken for.

Photos taken 11/4/2005 at 7 weeks old:

Woodhue Cassandra Q
Red Sable girl
We're growing her out

Woodhue Quintessence of Charm
Tricolor Girl
We're growing her out

Snovali Quartermaster
Sable Boy
At Snovali Shelties
Pictured at 1 month old, the 2 pet girls:

Smallest Sable girl
Sorry She's Taken

Second Smallest Sable girl
Sorry She's Taken


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