Stoney x Diamond

Born June 7, 2005

Touchtone Positive Proof (major ptd)
U-CH Triumph Woodhue Magic Diamond (ptd)

This is a repeat of a very nice cross.  Both have beautiful bodies and heads but Stoney has a little more neck and a prettier profile.  This should result in blue merle, tricolor, bi-blue and bi-black puppies since both are bi-factored.  Last time we did this cross we got all the colors possible.

Well, this time around, we ended up with ALL BLACK pups born on Tuesday, June 7, 2005.  We have 2 tricolor boys, 1 bi-black boy and 1 bi-black girl.

Sorry, all pups are spoken for from this litter.

Pictures of pups on July 14, 2005:
Bi-Black Boy:

Sorry, he's taken!
Bi-Black Girl:

Sorry, she's taken!
Darker faced Tricolor Boy:

Sorry, he's taken!
Woodhue Prince Charming
Lighter faced Tricolor Boy:

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