Upcoming/Recent Litters

I know at times it seems like we are having a LOT of litters, but sometimes that is just how it works out.  We only get a few chances to breed each girl and if we don't take advantage of those chances when we can, we lose the opportunity forever.  This is how we maintain a viable, high-quality bloodline.  We make sure that at least one of the parents of each litter has had at least most of its testing done before the breeding is undertaken unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Born June 22, 2011 7 puppies 

CH Carmylie After The Storm
X "Picabo"
Woodhue C U At The Top

Born April 12, 2011 3 puppies 

Snovali Hotter Than July (ptd)
X "Miranda"
Woodhue The Devil Wears Prada

Born March 29, 2011 5 puppies 

U-CH Alsudera-Veliz The Cowboy Way
X "Belly"
U-CH Woodhue Belly Dancer

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